"A line is a dot that went for a walk"   (Paul Klee)

IMy soft pastel paintings often begin during a walk in nature, breathing in the fresh air, bathing in nature's colours and shapes, contemplating sounds. Sometimes, my dreamy thoughts bring me back to  many memories connected to my home country, Switzerland ... to the beauty of the Alps, to the intense 4 Seasons, to the various and ever changing weather moods.


So, my deep love of animals and nature really is becoming "MY dot that is going for a walk", like Paul Klee is so beautifully saying.


I then let the dot begin its walk. A walk, guiding me through all kinds of lines and shapes and moods and endless colourful adventures. 


So how did I end up creating artwork in Soft Pastels? 


The dot found me in Switzerland, where I decided to do a 2-year course in perspective drawing in pencil and charcoal (and later soft pastels). More out of curiosity I moved towards a correspondence course to acquire a diploma in Interior Design and Decoration

Many years later and my immigration from Switzerland to Canada in between,, I followed great continuous online classes and courses which allowed me to dive into Photography (focusing on light and colour, on extreme macro photography, etc. at PPSOP) as well as into a full 2-year correspondence course, "Drawing and Painting"  at the London Art College, which I finished with a diploma.

Loving every thing silk, I decided to have a go at silk painting through an intensive learning period in techniques, materials, design as well as fashion design, steaming process, etc. through books by different international silk painting artists, like Susan Moyer, USA, to just name one (and the best). A lot of studying and experimenting allowed me in a short period of time to build my own silk painting business. I was selling many unique design scarves online (on an international level)...as well as at markets in my surrounding area. (Please click on Archives to watch my 2 videos) 

Through the move into a smaller house  and through a increasingly difficult international market (too many asian import products) I decided to sell my business and go back to my starting point in arts so many years ago: Unique Artwork in Soft Pastels.


Please go to my gallery and enjoy my various creations. Love to see you there.


Christine Amstutz