The Beauty of Silk


Silk is a 100% natural fiber and comes in many different weaves and weights (thicknesses). To express the weight of silk, the Japanese unit of momme is  being used.  The weight influences the silk's character of draping, but also its ability to absorb more or less dyes, showing therefore more or less intense colors in the final product.


Wearing silk is just an immense pleasure: it is warming in cold temperatures ... and cooling in warmer periods of the year. Once you own a silk scarf you will never want to miss it again. Or, once you enjoy the beauty of a handpainted silk wall hanging or a handpainted silk throw pillow, you might simply want more for its decorative, luxurious effect and its intense colors. And my silk wall art, such as handpainted wall hangings and handpainted silk paintings over stretched canvas will add to your home the decorative aspect that you could not replace with anything else.




There are different dyes available on the market. The two biggest groups are either the ones that need steam setting or heat setting for the silk items to become permanent and washfast.


I am using French steam setting dyes for their intense colors and their wide variety of use in different techniques and last but not least for their various applications during the silk painting process. On black silk, however, I choose the French opaque colors. This is the only way to cover up the dark silk underneath. They need to be heatset in the end.


In order to keep dyes within a specific area of my designs, I am using either bees- or soy wax or water soluble resists, in certain techniques also gutta (solvent based).


Many of my handpainted silk scarves and handpainted wall art contain gold, silver or copper accents ... to underlign the luxurious silk products, but also to come true to my own designs. 


Actual Working Process


I buy white (natural, or black) silk scarves already hand rolled. I then wash every scarf, cushion or other item in order to eliminate all eventual impurities. After the silk scarves, etc. are dry, I stretch one at a time on a stretcher frame ... and the fun can begin: painting, drawing, using wax, resists ... Salt, Sugar, etc.


Once the painting is finished, I sign it, take it off the frame and put it aside for 24 to 48 hours. The silk scarf or other item is then being steam fixed for 2 to 4 hours, a process that makes the dyes wash fast (the colors are well integrated into the silk and the product will not bleed out anymore).


A last wash and dry ... ironing if necessary ... and the luxurious handpainted silk scarf, silk throw cushion, handpainted picture or silk wall hanging, is ready to be shipped to you, my appreciated customers.




Do you have any questions? Any wishes? Any suggestions? Please DO contact me. I will get back to you within 24 hours.




La beauté de la soie


La soie est une fibre à 100% naturelle et l'on peut la trouver sur le marché en tissages et poids (densités) différents. Afin de déterminer la densité de la soie, les Japonais ont créé l'expression momme. La densité (plus la valeur de momme est élevée, plus la soie est dense). La densité influence la façon dont la soie se tient, de quelle façon elle vous drape en la portant, mais aussi sa capacité d'absorption de la teinture, ce qui se voit dans le résultat final d'un produit peint à la main, soit des couleurs plus ou moins intenses.


Porter des vêtements en soie, ou simplement un foulard en soie pure, procure un bien-être sans pareil. La soie vous réchauffe dans des températures froides et elle est rafraichissante pendant les périodes plus chaudes. Une fois que vous posséderz un foulard en soie pure, vous ne voudrez plus vous en passer. Ou si vous vous êtes procuré une tapisserie ou un tableau mural en soie, votre souhait sera d'en ajouter d'autres! La raison en est simple: La soie est le matériel par excellence pour des fins décoratives, non seulement à cause son effet luxurieux et décoratif, mais aussi par sa luminosité et l'intensité de ses couleurs.


Mes propres designs et le fait que tous mes produits soient peints à la main (l'art mural sans cadre, simplement sur de la toile montée, ou mes tapisseries peintes, qui peuvent être suspendues librement), vous apporteront un extra luxueux que vous souhaiterez posséder à tout prix!