C.Amstutz DESIGN+CREATION's work consists in designing and creating 100% pure Silkproducts, handpainted Silk Scarves, Silk Wall Art, Silk Wall Hangings, Silk Accessories.  I  offer a wide variety of unique designs and/or color schemes. Every Silk Art Work is unique and never reproduced identically - an important fact that, I am sure, you will appreciate. My Silk Painting Galleries show you some of my handpainted Silk Painting Art Work

C.Amstutz DESIGN CREATIONS is also presenting Photo Art:
Do you prefer Photo Art as a gift or for yourself? As a photographer I invite you to  visit my Photo Art Galleries  My big passion is Fine Art Photography and Nature Photography, but there are many other aspects of photography that will, no doubt, inspire you. Thank you for your visite! You will also find a link where you can buy my Fine Art Photography, like Fine Art Prints, framed Fine Art Photos, Fine Art Photos on Canvas or as Fine Art Posters. You will find different Photo Frames to choose from.

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About the Artist



 had the privilege to grow up in a beautiful village in Switzerland, surrounded by high mountains, eternal snow and glaciers, alpine trees, bushes and flowers which offered us to live very close to nature:  pure air,  bright sunlight, the often drastic season changes, the warmth and the cold, the wind, the storms, rain and snow. - I am now living in Montreal, Canada, where I create my Art Work.


Everything I create, be it in Photography or in my Silk Painting Art, is closely connected to nature. Nature's unlimited combinations of colors, its shapes and textures, the constantly changing light und the big contrasts are the very foundation of my artistic work.


Photography to me means the constant look-out for unusual angles, for macros, to penetrate into the smallest element possible, the exploring of depth, lines, playing with colors, abstracts, and nature in all its aspects. And in all this, I am always aiming for Fine Art Photography.


Silkpainting goes hand in hand with my Photographic Work. In my Silk Painting Art you will often find parts from my Photographic Art Work, but seen from a different angle, changed here and there, put into a new light, adapted to achieve a more painterly effect. Meditation and silence or classical music create the ideal environment for my Silk Painting Art.


It is very important to me to feel harmony within myself as well as in my surroundings. I love to listen to silence. Meditation, inner freedom, nature with its sounds and colors, TaiChi with its energy work have become an integral part of my life in general ... and in my creative work in particular.


Arts in general represents to me the communication of the artist's emotional world. When I am able to attract a visitor's eye, when I am able to move her/his own emotional world across my artistic work, I have reached my goal to a big part: the communication of feelings, the sharing with the world.



"It is in difficult times that we can develop determination and inner strength"

(Dalaï Lama)


"Art is eternal, its shapes change."

(Rudolf Steiner)