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About the Artist



I had the privilege to grow up in a beautiful village in Switzerland, surrounded by high mountains, eternal snow and glaciers, alpine trees, bushes and flowers and to live very close to nature:  pure air,  bright sunlight, the often drastic season changes, the warmth and the cold, the wind, the storms, rain and snow. 


In 1985 I moved to Canada and now live in the extraordinary Laurentians, in the french Province of Quebec, Canada.


Everything I create is closely related to nature. Nature's unlimited combinations of colors, its shapes and textures, the constantly changing light und the big contrasts are the very foundation of my artistic work.


It is very important to me to feel harmony within myself as well as in my surroundings. I love to listen to silence. Meditation, inner freedom, nature with its sounds and colours, TaiChi with its energy work have become an integral part of my life in general ... and in my creative work in particular.


Through Arts I would love to communicate my feelings and my emotional world. When I am able to attract a visitor's eye, when I am able to move her/his own world across my artistic work, I have reached my goal


"It is in difficult times that we can develop determination and inner strength"

(Dalaï Lama)


"Art is eternal, its shapes change."

(Rudolf Steiner)